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Benefit Index gives you the analytics you need to accurately assess your benefit program's competitiveness

Use real data to ensure your benefits are supporting your business objectives

Self-Service Benchmarking Data

Use Benefit SpecSelect to learn what other organizations are providing across all benefit areas

Create customized benefit comparison reports for your selected peers

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Benefit Index

Apples-to-Apples Comparisons

Connect Your Benefit Programs to Your Business

Sometimes you need to step back and make sure your benefit programs are aligned to your business. For instance:

  • Does your benefit program support your recruiting efforts?
  • Are you falling behind your competitors as they make changes to their benefit plans?
  • Is it time to address conflicting benefit plans you've acquired over time?

These are just a few things that Benefit Index can help you answer by giving you a clear, crisp picture of how your benefit plans stack up to your chosen peer group.

  • Benefit Index is based on relative values calculated from plan specifications - not cost - eliminating a common source of bias
  • Resulting analysis details all major benefit areas, including:
  • Retirement Income
  • Active Health Care
  • Retiree Health and Welfare
  • Active Welfare
  • Time Off With Pay

Benefit SpecSelect

Create Customized Comparison Reports

Learn How Other Organizations Are Responding

With Benefit SpecSelect, there is no need to wonder what actions your peers or competitors are taking. Get real time answers to questions like:

  • What are employers charging employees for health care coverage?
  • How many employers have added health care exchanges?
  • How prevalent are PTO programs among your peers?
  • What are employers doing with retirement income plans?

Internet-based and highly interactive, Benefit SpecSelect gives you the flexibility to compare organizations based on a number of classifications:

  • Employee group (e.g., salaried, hourly, faculty)
  • Industry (broad like "manufacturing" or "retail," or narrow like "telecommunication" or "energy")
  • State or metropolitan area
  • Total sales
  • Number of employees
  • Fortune rank
  • Plan provisions (e.g., all organizations with pension plans)
  • Custom group based on individually selected peers

After selecting the peers, you may view organization-by-organization plan design details or prevalence summaries.


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